How much of a crossover do you think there could be between politicians and sports coaches? A lot of coaches are PUBLIC FIGURES that everyone looks up to/yells at so they might not be the worst politicians. (Also, imagine the sad sideline Rob Ford photos if it went back the other way.) » 5/30/13 1:06pm 5/30/13 1:06pm

"Oh Do You Have To Pee?" A Someone Could Get Hurt Audio Preview

For those of you who like being lectured to while sitting in traffic, there's gonna be an audio book of "Someone Could Get Hurt," a snippet of which you can now listen to up above. That's me narrating. I apologize for not sounding the way you imagined me to. I wish I had a beard and talked like a lumberjack or… » 4/24/13 1:24pm 4/24/13 1:24pm

The "Someone Could Get Hurt" Trailer Is Here

Book trailers are weird due to the fact that, when you watch one, you aren't watching a cut-down version of something larger to watch. If you see an explosion in a book trailer, there's no explosion to be seen later on. There's only an explosion to read about. HOWEVAH, lots of books have trailers now because, between… » 4/22/13 12:49pm 4/22/13 12:49pm