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"Oh Do You Have To Pee?" A Someone Could Get Hurt Audio Preview

For those of you who like being lectured to while sitting in traffic, there's gonna be an audio book of "Someone Could Get Hurt," a snippet of which you can now listen to up above. That's me narrating. I apologize for not sounding the way you imagined me to. I wish I had a beard and talked like a lumberjack or however you heard it originally in your head.


Anyway, we recorded this audio book in two days up in New York and I would advise you to NEVER read a 250-page book out loud. I know it's not ditch digging, but I promise you: it sucks. By the second day, my throat was pure jerky. Going to a rock concert and eating three pot brownies the night before recording was a poor choice.

They usually don't post pre-order links for audio books until the on-sale date (May 16th), but you can pre-order the print version through here. So do that and be sexy. More to come.

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