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The "Someone Could Get Hurt" Trailer Is Here

Book trailers are weird due to the fact that, when you watch one, you aren't watching a cut-down version of something larger to watch. If you see an explosion in a book trailer, there's no explosion to be seen later on. There's only an explosion to read about. HOWEVAH, lots of books have trailers now because, between the Internet and other competing books, people have literally TRILLIONS of other reading options. They don't even have to read, frankly. They can watch a movie, or give the mailman a handjob, or wait in line to eat at some hot new hipster Korean panini joint (ALL CASH NO RESERVATIONS BECAUSE FUCK YOU), so you gotta do what you can to make your little book—your tiny meteorite in the endless universe of available entertainment options—stand out. And so that's why the nice folks at Gotham Books made the above trailer for "Someone Could Get Hurt," which you can order right now at many fine online bookselling emporiums.


Also, there will be a book tour. The way the book tour works is like this: You go, I read some shit from the book out loud, you answer me any question you like after I'm done ("What's Nick Denton like? Do you have Emma's phone number? Who takes a shit in the middle stall if they don't have to?!"), I sign your book, and then we all get DRUNK. Just so, so drunk. By the end of the night, most readers are usually like, "Christ, that's way more of Drew than I needed." Fun for all.


Preliminary tour dates are here. If you see that list of cities and are like, "FUCK YOU! COME TO EL PASO!", I strongly urge you to notify the remaining bookstore in El Paso (or wherever your hometown is) and tell them to tell Gotham Books to send me there so that I can read to you and charge all my food to an expense account. Or harass @GothamBooks on Twitter until they block you and file a restraining order. That works, too.

Book's out May 16th, gang. Buy it, and help me fulfill my lifelong dream of having more money than you.

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